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Discussion in 'Quest Ideas' started by The Minecraft Experience Team, Jul 9, 2016.

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    Recently, the staff team has decided to create more things to do within the Kingdoms and Empires server. As you may know, people have been pushing for more, and more, RPG content. Therefore, we're attempting to implement this pushed content.

    For a start, we're going with Quest. Quests will be placed all throughout the K&E server. As well as inside a medieval city in the center of the survival world.​

    In this thread, we're looking for three new Quests to begin with. Two small quests and one medium sized quests.

    Leave any idea, or opinion, you have on Quests in the comments of this thread.

    The Minecraft Experience Team
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  2. Giwi

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    One of the small quests should be a simple "Kill this and take this" kind of thing. As in, you could for example, go kill soldiers of a certain faction and take their war pendants or something like that. Then you could bring it back to the NPC who gave you the quest, and that's really it. A reward could just be a piece of armor, money, or a weapon. I know that's pretty vague but it's a rough idea. For a medium sized quest, I would say you could do a thing involving two or more NPCs. Where you could talk to one, have to go talk with another, do a thing for the second NPC and then end the quest at the first NPC. As another example, let's say someone wants a stolen family artifact back, and so the person with the stolen artifact tells you to go talk to someone to find out about the thief's whereabouts. The second NPC, the person you have to talk to I mean, says that they want you to do something for them first so you go get a resource from the world and return it to them, like wood, I don't know. But then after that, they tell you where the thief is and you go kill them and return the artifact the first NPC. I hope this made sense.

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