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Discussion in 'Feature/Server Suggestions' started by MyNameIsPixel, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. MyNameIsPixel

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    1: K&E should have different "classes" such as Farmer, Warrior, Builder, Archer, etc. These classes would each have their own unique abilities: any crops the Farmer planted would grow say .3 x faster and when the builder placed a block he/she would have a 10% chance of getting that block back and Warriors might do a little bit more damage with swords and Barbarians might do a little more damage with axes.

    2: K&E should have indestructable cities scattered around the map, where you can buy and sell things to npcs, get quests, etc. players might even be able to set up there own shops in the marketplace in each city. These city's would be considered NEUTRAL and are safe zones they won't be tied to any kingdoms or factions besides Crestfall as it is the safe haven kingdom.

    3: Each factions MUST have a city/ town that they live in these may be protected in any way that doesn't use exploits or cheats.These city's must be above ground factions must keep their kingdoms loot in this city and again it may be protected any way that doesn't use cheats or exploits. (This is to add realism)
    Even though city's must keep most of their kingdoms loot in the city players should be allowed to keep their own personal vaults which they may keep their personal loot in that they do not want to mix with the factions, this should not be abused as in the kingdom keeping all of its loot in a personal vault.
  2. Cjrawrdan

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    As for number 3: We are not going to tell players what they need and don't need to do in order to have and maintain a kingdom. Really the only rules for having a kingdom is that it cannot be floating or completely underground. We are not going to control how players and kingdoms store their loot.

    As for number 2: We are working on creating "indestructible cities" and quests to be hidden around the map; but none of these will be tied to a player's kingdom.

    As for number 1: I can and cannot see this happening. Everyone on the server should have an equal chance at fighting regardless of a class. I, personally, do not see it happening.
  3. MyNameIsPixel

    MyNameIsPixel MCE Member

    Looking back on my third idea I agree with your reply. As for number 2 Great! love that, And for number 3 just to add I originally thougt that these classes woulde be free if they were to be implenented, sorry i didnt mention that in the origional post.
  4. The Minecraft Experience Team

    The Minecraft Experience Team
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    Hello! Yes, as @Cjrawrdan said, your Number 2 Point is currently in progress! You'll gradually start seeing these pop up across the map in many areas, originally as ideal places for Quests but the idea of player owned shops there and other things can definitely be added.

    And your Number 1 Point, we've had such in the server before, but no-one was/could be assigned a certain class. It was a list of skills you could level up and benefit from the levels. However, due to development issues, we have postponed this addition in hope to maybe bring it back in later days.

    Thank you for your ideas and suggestions!!
  5. MyNameIsPixel

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    Who owns the account "The Minecraftr Experience Team" and who posted this

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